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Books by S. Thomas Kaza

Middle Grader Adventures

Lady Anna’s Secret Garden (2014)

When brothers, Will and Ken, move to a new house, they have no idea how much their lives are going to change by a stick left by the previous owner. And when they stumble into Lady Anna’s secret garden, they don’t realize the trouble they are about to cause. Ken doesn’t like trouble of any kind. He decides he never wants to set foot in the secret garden again. But Will feels responsible. Their search to find out how to use a magic wand sends the brothers across town and back again to the secret garden, where a dangerous enemy awaits them at the end of the world. Will the brothers fall into the trap waiting for them? Or will they learn the secret of the magic wand and save Lady Anna’s secret garden?


Into the Wildwood (2017)

When brothers, Will and Ken, decide to visit the Secret Garden again, they have no idea they are about to embark on an adventure that will challenge their strength, their wits, and the bonds of their brotherhood. But they must journey into the dark and dangerous Wildwood to face the power that lies at its heart. Or else never return home.


Medieval Adventures

Cedric of RoseThorn: Book One (2012, 2014)

After a near fatal encounter with Death, Cedric wakes to find his castle abandoned, his people scattered, and enemies at his gates. The world he once knew has been turned upside down, and he is now hunted by the very outlaws he once hunted. But Cedric is a man of RoseThorn. Not only is he resourceful and a warrior of the first class, but also heir to the noble values of his ancestors. Determined to keep RoseThorn alive as the last hope for the weak and outcast, Cedric rescues the few survivors he can find and brings them back to his castle. Therein begins his struggle to outsmart an army of bandits and their charismatic leader, Luther, while trying to make sense of the ghosts from his past. As the story reaches its climax, Cedric begins to get an inkling of a traitor in his midst. But can he uncover the truth in time to save his castle and his people?


Cedric of RoseThorn: Book Two (2016)

After a narrow escape from the trap set for him, Cedric wakes to find he is without a home, without a friend, and without a hope of taking back his castle. He is also weakened by the wound dealt to him at the hands of the treacherous Lord Bane. But Cedric is not discouraged. He sets out across the western lands of the Empire in search of fighting men who can help him, determined to take back his beloved RoseThorn, fight the bandit rebellion, and even defy death itself. But the lands have been ravaged by plague and rebellion. Dangerous men lurk in the shadows of abandoned towns and villages. Death is everywhere. And the wounded Cedric is not the warrior he used to be. Still haunted by ghosts he cannot explain, he must hold tight to the promise of RoseThorn in his heart and find a way to lead others before they are destroyed by fear and hate .


Short Story Collections

Good Story to Short Story Collection #01

This collection of twelve stories contains three from each of the following genres- realistic fiction, science fiction, fantasy, and ghost stories. Here is a brief description of each story-
1. a ghost hungry for memories
2. a mother who is said to bite off the head of any suitor for her daughter of which she doesn’t approve
3. a dragon who doesn’t want to leave behind a star pupil
4. a boy who finds gold while hunting for lost golf balls
5. a fish that cannot be caught
6. an old woman who finds her past too tempting
7. an elf boy who comes to terms with his allergies
8. a soldier who confronts his fears
9. a human colonist who survives an alien bug
10. a little creature who steals grandpa’s socks
11. three burglars who get more than they bargain for
12. a little girl who learns there is more to death than dying